Sofia’s Story

Sofia has lived in the Bay Area for 16 years and is the mother of a 10 month old United States citizen child and an 18 year old lawful permanent resident son.  Sofia was finally granted asylum two years ago based on the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, uncles and former partner in Honduras.  Sofia‘s infant daughter was born with a heart condition that requires weekly doctor’s visits for monitoring.

While Sofia trusts the doctors caring for her daughter, she is very afraid that local police and immigration agents will be watching the hospital entrance and exit and stop her when she takes her daughter in for care.  As stated by Sofia, “I am so afraid that because a lot of immigrants get help at the medical center that I take my daughter, it will be a place that police and  immigration watches and that they will wait for me outside.  I have nightmares that they will take me from my daughter and that she will die because she cannot see her doctors anymore.”