Executive Director

Theresa Gonzales
Theresa GonzalesExecutive Director

Admin and Operations

Cecilia Dowd
Cecilia DowdFinance and Operations Director
Diley Fontes
Diley FontesIntake Specialist
Elba Morales
Elba MoralesDirector of Development
Esmeralda Izarra
Esmeralda IzarraOperations Manager
Genesis Fabian
Genesis FabianIntake Specialist
Jacob Sierra
Jacob SierraIntake Specialist
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer MillerFinance Manager
Karla Nuñez
Karla NuñezFinance and Administrative Coordinator
Mariana Phipps
Mariana PhippsCommunications Director
Nancy Martinez
Nancy MartinezIntake Specialist
Patricia Serrano
Patricia SerranoFinance & Administration Assistant
Steve Martinez
Steve MartinezDirector of Human Resources

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