The Youth Law Academy

The Youth Law Academy is a three year program for Oakland high school students to help them build their confidence and understanding of the path to college. Recognizing the need for more diversity in the legal profession we ultimately hope to inspire our students to seek a career in the law for the betterment of our community.

During this program they learn about the legal system, participate in a mock trial, participate in ethnic studies in the law seminars, are introduced to critical issues and injustices in the legal system, and receive a free SAT preparation course and college and financial aid advising. After their three years in the program we also provide support to them as they embark into their college years.

The Youth Law Academy is accepting applicants! Please see below for additional requirements and how to apply.

YLA Admission Requirements:

1) Candidates must be a Freshman at the time of their application. The program begins in the fall of their 10th grade year (Fall 2017-2018 academic school year);

2) Currently attending an Oakland High School (Charter, District, Private, etc.) and currently an Oakland Resident;

3) Candidate must know that he/she will be going to college upon high school graduation;

4) Candidate must be self-initiated and committed to completing program requirements.

Diversity Legal Pipeline

Diversity of the legal profession is an ongoing issue. Together, Blacks and Latinos make up nearly 45% of California population, yet only comprise about 7% of the state bar. The Diversity Legal Pipeline (DLP) seeks to increase diversity in the law by providing law-school bound undergraduates of color with the information, experience and advising necessary to be successful in the application process. The DLP is an intensive, week long pre-law bootcamp that introduces students to the law school application process and puts them face to face with law students, lawyers, and judges who help inspire them to know that a legal education is within their reach. During one week the students will participate in a mock constitutional law class, take an actual LSAT, read real court cases and have plenty of time to meet and network with other students and legal professionals. Once the bootcamp is over the program is followed up with targeted support for law school applicants to help them on their path to law school.


“The Diversity Legal Pipeline showed me that there are amazing people who are fighting, advocating, and doing the hard work that needs to be done in order for their communities to be able to live. It was inspiring to be able to connect with empowering people who are working with communities of color in the legal field in creative and impactful ways.” Cheyenne Reynoso, DLP student 2016

“My dream is to become a criminal defense attorney, therefore, after I graduate from San Francisco State University, I plan on going to law school. A year ago though, I wouldn’t know where to have started, and now I feel more prepared because I know all the steps I need to take. I really think that other students that want to go to law school should join this program as well because it’s very helpful and very useful. The DLP is one of the best programs I’ve been in.” Leonia Major, DLP student 2016

This year the DLP will take place from July 9-13 2018 in Downtown Oakland near Lake Merritt BART station. The program will take place from 9 am-4:30 pm each day, except Wednesday which will start slightly earlier and run slightly later to accommodate a trip to San Francisco. Participants must be able to attend each day of the program.


Click below to apply to the Summer 2018 DLP!

Special thanks to our Youth Law Academy Funders